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My trip to Trinec, Czech Republic

Hello, my dear friends!
I am Luvcho and I want to tell you about my trip to Trinec, Czech Republic.
On June, 12th 2014 I got on the plane to Vienna, Austria, together with Mrs Tinka Tsolova, Mrs. Tsenka Boyajieva and Mrs. Rumyana Vutova.

Then we travelled by bus from Vienna to Brno, Czech Republic.

After that we went to Frydek Mistek. Magda, our kind host and Head of  Dany and Emila Zatopkovych Basic School in Trinec, was waiting for us at the bus station. She drove us to our hotel in Trinec.

After a short rest we went to the school.  We were welcomed very hospitably and exciting there by the teachers and the students. We enjoyed very much the programme which the students from the sports classes had prepared especially for us.
 Our Polish friends were also there. Together we walked round the school the next day.
 It was interesting for us to visit a lesson in Writing in the first grade, lessons in Computer studies, Biology and Art. We looked around the school and made many new friends.
 The Mayor of Trinec  was very kind and showed  special attention to us.

Next we visited the Steel factory in the town. The tour there was a real adventure. Even for a brave lion like me,  walking round the factory was a great challenge.
 We also went on a chair lift in the Yavorovy Mountain. The view there was wonderful. 

During our tour in the region we visited a candle-works. Our guide showed us how the candles are being made and coloured.

We also visited Rožnov – Open folk museum, not far from Trinec. From there I sent a real postcard to my friends in Etropole. I saw many old buildings where the atmosphere of ancient times still existed.
 On June, 15 2014 we departed to Bulgaria. Our Czech friends gave us as a present a mascot Emil and here we are together at Sofia Airport after an exciting trip and unforgettable experiences.

See you soon, my dear friends!


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