вторник, 29 октомври 2013 г.

Hi! My name’s Lavcho  and I’m very happy  to be “Hristo Yassenov” Secondary School’s  Travel Mascot.  
    Well, this year is very lucky for me because I’ve just started a new exciting adventure- a Comenius Partnership with 9 other schools. So I went on my first trip to Vasteras, Sweden, to take part in the first Planning and Review meeting of the partners from 10/10/13 to 13/10/13. I took with me our head teacher Mrs Svetla Valova and the school’s contact person Mrs Hristina Kalaydzhieva. We caught the plane from Sofia to Amsterdam and from there another pane to Stockholm.  I felt a bit sick but the teachers  helped me cheer up quickly. Travelling to Vasteras was easy and pleasant because Sweden has excellent communications.  At the hotel we were all met by Pia and Anna from Sweden and soon after that we found ourselves at Irsta school. Imagine how glad I was to meet all my friends there – Travel mascots from Croatia, The UK, Poland, Italy, Spain,  Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden. Unfortunately our Turkish friend couldn’t make it to come as they had some problems with their visa arrangements. Hope to see them next time. On this first evening we were treated by our hosts with a wonderful traditional Swedish dinner and we had the chance to learn a lot about the partners’ schools and mascots.

        On the second day of our visit we had the opportunity to see a marvellous performance of Swedish typical traditions  done by the sweet children at Irsta Primary. Now I’ve come to know how the Swedes celebrate Easter, Midsummer’s Day and Santa Lucia. What would it be like to visit a school and not go to classes?  Well, I saw  pupils at Irsta school learning English, doing Chemistry experiments, having  an Art  lesson combined with Maths, doing sports. Later, while our teachers were discussing  the forthcoming adventurous activities for the first semester, we, the Travel Mascots were having a lot of fun together.

         No doubt, our hosts had prepared a lot for our visit. On the next day, Saturday, they took us all on a wildlife safari. Well, I felt like home among the mouse, llamas, moufflons, buffalo bulls, reindeer and many other  species, roaming freely in the wild life park. I was very glad to see  that the park keepers were taking wonderful care of all the animals there. After the delicious lunch the teachers had to get down to work again and finish the Action plan.

        Sunday was a departure day. We all had to say goodbye looking forward to our common future adventures and exciting meetings.


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