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Visit to Britain

Visit to Britain
Hello my friends!
I can`t wait to tell you about my exciting and very enjoyable visit to Britain and the chance to meet the children at Gloucester Road Primary School in Cheltenham.
Let`s start from the beginning!
I flew to Birmingham, Britain together with my friends Asya (Mrs Ninova) and Stefka (Mrs Staneva). Alex was our tour guide in Cheltenham.We walked round the town with him. Alex showed us the town hall, the Neptune`s fountain, the sculpture of the rabbit and the bull –symbols of the town. We saw the monument to all soldiers who died in the First World War, the theatre, many churches and public buildings.
Alex took us to the university where he had studied. It looked like an old castle and it was very beautiful.
The next day I had a typical English breakfast and walked to school where I was warmly and kindly welcomed by all students and staff. I visited the colourful classroom of the little kids, next I attended an English class, I did a Maths test along with the oldest pupils. I played with some children in the school yard and later we showed our school’s presentation at the assembly hall. I met my friend – The Cheltenham Bear.
What a surprise! – it turns out that 4 Bulgarian children attend this school.
We took a photo –a memento.
The children showed me their books, theme books and notebooks and some other items made by themselves or with the help of their teachers.
The time passed quickly in the company of my new friends.
We all agreed that the meeting with the kids and the teachers from the primary school in Cheltenham was successful, interesting and very helpful.
We shared our experience and emotions.
We will keep sweet memories of that unforgettable visit to Cheltenham.
But … It was time to go back to my home country – Bulgaria.
See you soon!

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